CampusU Inc.

CampusU Inc. is a student-first company.

We believe by providing students with solution-based technologies we help empower the next generation of student achievement.

We contribute to academic success by encouraging students to express themselves, explore every opportunity presented to them, and learn together. 

Our Product Family


A marketplace to buy and sell notes online.


Available to 15 Universities across Ontario, Canada. hosts a combination of over 6,000 notes, study guides, chapter summaries and preparation documents.  Prices are set by sellers and range from free to $50.00+.  Purchasers can rate downloads up to 5      's and leave reviews.  


Mathew, Ryerson University
Justine, University of Western Ontario
Praise, Trent University

A portal for student voices to be heard, no matter the subject.

Exam Studying Tips That Actually Help Students

Exam studying is a struggle and we want to help. Instead of dumping an endless list of #examhacks on you, we did the research,

Being a Commuter in An On-Campus World

Deciding whether to be a commuter student or live in residence can be a tough choice, especially if your university is local.


Launching: October 2018.


Our Team

Blair Oelke

CEO, CampusU Inc.

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CTO, Rooms

Mathew Mozaffari

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Max Abrahams

COO, CampusU Inc.

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Michael Campbell

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